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  1. Hi, there I am facing the same issues like the 1st poster. All the settings like Amandeep Kumar wrote, are set. But Enpass is never called to store or read passkeys from chrome or brave browser on Android. Google Password Manager ist the only wallet that shows to read or store passkeys. I would like to use passkeys - but it is just not possible still.
  2. Hi, I am trying to setup a 'family vault' to share creds whithin my family. I created a new secondary vault. When I try to enable Sync with google drive, the google authentication pops up in my browser where I enable Anpass Access (for another google-Account than my primary vault-sync-account). I get: Authorization Finished! but hitting the 'redirect' - button doesn' t do anything. The loading-ring in Enpass (current version on Win1909) keeps turning but nothing happens. Reboot doesn' t help.
  3. The store-Version won't start for me. Windows 1903. Error-Mesage: ggf nicht ausreichende Berechtigungen Error-Message Any Tricks to solve this?
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