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  1. @PatrickR I found the same problem and various other issues. I think Enpass are aware the import is not adequate but many of us who have used 1Password in the past are stuck until they fix this properly. Version 6 of Enpass does not import Pif at all and going via Enpass 5 dumps everything in a single category, plus I found that no attachments were carried over.
  2. @Samuela Thank you, I had the same answer from them and tried it, however this is only partly successful. It doesn't place imported items in the correct categories, nor does it carry over any related attachments, so in my case there would be something like 500 attachments that are missing. A good number of those will be important, so at the moment there is no effective means of importing large numbers of items. I've used 1Password for everything over the last ten years, both private and business, so there is an awful lot of information. If Enpass can find a way to effectively import the Pif files it would change everything. At this point I don't really want to use 1Password at all, but the information is just too important to mess with.
  3. I tried 1Password 7 last night and it's pretty slick, but I don't think it has any practical advantages over 1Password 6 despite the higher costs. I am hoping Enpass can import this data properly or I'll probably end up reluctantly switching to Firefox as my primary browser and sticking with 1Password 6 for a while yet. I like Brave, but Enpass doesn't seem to fully work with it.
  4. The upgrade to Safari 13 basically broke 1Password 6.8.9 for me so I wanted to try this. When I attempt to import the folder with the Pif export if it says there is nothing there when there are roughly 1500 items. CSV works but it is all a garbled mess with everything thrown into a single category. Is this simply because I am running the demo or is it a mess like this even following purchase? I will need this to run seamlessly on Mac, Windows and Android.
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