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  1. Still can’t “submit” When I wrote in PIN on iPhone Pro. the keyboard are over the submit button. mans Face ID also still not work.
  2. Same for me on a iPhone 11Pro (not max). But a bit worse here. We don’t see error. All are same but error message are hidden (just blue there)
  3. @Anshu kumar , do you halve any time plan for this new Bugg fix release?
  4. Jonas EnP

    iOS 13.1 problems

    Same error here. Need a fix for this ASAP. So I can start use my new $1300 phone...
  5. I have a iPhone Pro, with iOS 13. but my Face ID don, work with autofill. have a key-file to my Enpass library, and when I try open with PIN instead, the unlock button are behind the keyboard. why ain’t this working?
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