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  1. When truing to install the Firefox extension I got a message it can't be installed since it is broken. I use LInux Mint latest version and Firefox 64.0
  2. After Firefox has updated to 68.0.1 I can't use the Enpass extension anymore, it gives an error 403 even after removing and re-installing the extension from your site.
  3. I am also very eager to know how Enpass 6 will be sold. Is it a free update for Enpass5 users on iOS or is there a special update price? Will the desktop version still be free? Or-worst case scenario- will it be a subscription model? please fill us out on this!
  4. Hi, for me the beta works just fine, haven't had any hiccups. The iOS beta works fine too. I have one remark. The favicons are loaded in most cases. But for some sites they don't. I am very sure I use a favicon on my own site f.i., it shows in browsers, so it seems ok. That one is not loaded too. What could be the problem there?
  5. Hi, on some pages Enpass just won't fill in, so I use the Ctrl-Sh-P function to copy the password of an item to the clipboard. (Not so secure, I'm aware of that) The v6 Beta doesn't allow me to do that anymore and that is a pain in the..... Please make this available in v6 again.
  6. Hi, you might have to fill-in the password previously used for the database. If you previously used another password, the database will have that password.
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