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  1. Additional info: If the extension is stalled in Windows, it gets running again as soon as my VirtualBox is closed entirely.
  2. Hi, Enpass is installed from your site. I do not remember if I was transferred to Windows store form there. I have tested some things. Both Edge and Firefox (latest versions) stall when I try to fill a password with the Enpass extension. But... only after I have used the Enpass extension in my VirtualBox (in Firefox). If I do not use the Enpass extension there, it seems to keep working on the Windows host.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. We had some major internet trouble here. I have done some research and can tell you following: Enpass with Firefox works fine but when I use a VirtualBox to run my Linux (POP! OS), the Enpass plugin for Firefox stalls. I always use the latest versions of all software mentioned.
  4. Hi, since a week or two?, I can't us the Enpass extension anymore. I am running Windows 10 Professional and Firefox 84. Both are kept up to date. I can start Enpass, go to a site (this one fi.) and try to fill the user credentials with the Enpass extension. The contour of the Enpass Window becomes visible and then it stalls. Only closing Enpass the hard way (Task manager fi) let me use Firefox again. I have already deinstalled the extension and re-installed it, that did not help. On Edge it works fine. Also on my VirtualBox POP!os Any idea what could cause the problem and how to fix it?
  5. +1 Since I have numerous problems while syncing with iCloud I changed to pCloud syncing and would like to be able to use 2FA also.
  6. Additional info: Just did a new install of Debian 10.4 this time with US English user interface. Then installed Enpass, same result. So no other packages installed by me, nor the user interface language can be the problem.
  7. Ok, I have tried this again with both Gnome Web and Midori. Changed the default browser, started Enpass and clicked iCloud. With the same result:
  8. Additional info: Just installed Enpass in a VirtualBox containing a Debian 10.4 install that does not had an Enpass install before. The same result here, instantly after clicking iCloud this message occurs. No spinning wheel or other messages, no browser opened. (translation: Error during recovering data)
  9. Mmmm... - Windows 10, PC - IOS (iPad Pro 12.9 , iPhone SE) - Debian, Manjaro, CentOS in Virtualbox on PC - Debian on laptop AsusPro i7 8Gb - ElementaryOS, Manjaro, MX Linux, OpenSuse, Zorin, CentOS, Solus, Ubuntu, Mint in Boxes on ASUSPro I always have the last stable version of Enpass running. I can access all my data on all other devices/os After resedttingh Enpass, uninstalling it en installing it again after a reboot I dont get an error code on sync, I just get a message that Enpass will open the iCloud page but nothing happens as soon as I try to setup a sync with iCloud.
  10. I have an up=to=date Debian (10) installation and iCloud sync stopped working. On reconnecting not even the browser get started. I tried another browser as default, same result. Since I could not get Sync to work I totally removed Enpass and installled the latest version today. When I choose iCloud sync I get a message: Error during recovering data (translated from Dutch) even before something else happens. Any idea what could cause this problem? Debian is my main install and without Enpass....
  11. Sorry for my late reply. I did change the browser. But that did not help. I can’t do any research anymore I am afraid, since I have only limited space and had to dump fedora to install another Linux-distro that had no problems with Enpass (and evolution-ews)
  12. Hi Garima, I am running Enpass on several devices: ios (phone & iPad) Laptop (Debian 10) Windows 10 Manjaro (Virtual Box Windows 10) Ubuntu 20 (Virtual Box Windows 10) Fedora 32 in Vritual Box on Windows 10 gives me this problem. Install works fine but when connecting to iCloud this is where it stops (after I entered my credentials for icloud and said the link must be opened by Enpass): I had the same problem on CentOS 8 today. Just now I tried again and now it did work. The only thing that I did different was checking the box that says Always use this ..... before choosing Enpass for opening the link.
  13. I have installed Fedora 32 64bit and just installed Enpass. When I try to connect to iCloud I get to the part where I have to choose Enpass to open the link (already entered my icloud credentials) and the the wheel in the browser keeps spinning and Enpass is waiting and waiting. But the connection is never established.
  14. Starting today (new Firefox-update) Enpass gives an error 403. Firefox: 72.0.2 Error: Browser requesting the data is not code signed.
  15. Krit

    iOS 13.1 problems

    The beta for Enpass 6.2.0 (371) does solve this. I agree it is a pity that this hasn't been found and solved before the official iOS 13 release, but... it's coming. :-)
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