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  1. This is hilarious, I was just about to suggest this and you beat me to it by 4 hours. +1 for Single item export
  2. Inline Autofill Popup Menu blocklist needs to allow domain blocking. so lets say I need to disable inline autofill for a site. I can type in* instead of etc... because the inline editor is causing issues with some sites such as node red. You can not edit with the json editor if you have inline autofill on. Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the site in question I am unable to post the html
  3. Enpass is opening the website on a new tab instead of auto filling the username and password when the site address does not match what was saved in Enpass. I already have match site exactly turned off. This happened on Western Union website while I was adding a bank account to the site through their "paywithmybank.com" login to add my Chase account to the western union site. I understand that this "bug" is probably a feature you guys are trying to use to avoid phishing attacks. However please give me the option at least to allow autofill into 3rd party sites. Edit: i forgot to tell you I am using Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit).
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