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  1. Sorry Gaël, I don’t have an answer for you. I did what Anshu Kumar said and for me it worked. Also I don’t use Windows system, all my devices are MacOS / IOS based. But I do have a suggestion that I hope can help you somehow. Connecting to iCloud dot com with a web browser and going to iCloud Drive page you should see the Enpass directory, do you have a walletx file inside? I have two. The OLD and the new one. Have you tried to download it to your computer and maybe adding the data from there to then create a new password database (without losing what you already have) . I’m not sure this w
  2. Hello, Sorry for my great delay to get back to you, @Anshu kumar. Thanks for your help! Everything is working now. Wish you a good day.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to sync my Enpass to my icloud (as always) but I keep getting the following error: 1104001. Is there anyone here that can help me figure out what is going on? Thanks in advance!
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