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    Leaving 1Password

    ok, thank you for your response! I'ld write a PHP-Script to parse the 1password - exported file. The 1password-export-file looks like a complex json-object. When I take a look at the following: ***5642bee8-a5ff-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66*** { "uuid":"18DB6A07CB46445FAB49592F798C2010", "updatedAt":1452169359, "locationKey":"hosteurope.de", "securityLevel":"SL5", "openContents":{ "usernameHash":"d495eaec0628436dbf657c1a8eeb972d6552ea3a501e12ab87075f104b3e7a65" }, "contentsHash":"810e510f", "title":"Hosteurope | Plesk", "location":"https://87-230-85-137.kundenadmin.hosteurope.de:8443", "secureContents":{ "htmlName":"loginForm", "htmlMethod":"post", "notesPlain":"", "htmlAction":"", "fields":[ { "value":"admin", "type":"T", "name":"LoginUser", "designation":"username" },{ "value":"XXX", "type":"P", "name":"LoginPass", "designation":"password" },{ "name":"psa_active_lang", "value":"default", "type":"S" },{ "name":"doLogin", "value":"Login", "type":"B" }], "htmlID":""}, "createdAt":1302080537, "typeName":"webforms.WebForm" } ... it item is shown like follows in the import-preview (step 3): Hosteurope | Plesk LoginUser : admin LoginPass : XXX psa active lang : default doLogin : Login htmlAction : htmlID : htmlMethod : post htmlName : loginForm usernameHash : d495eaec0628436dbf657c1a8eeb972d6552ea3a501e12ab87075f104b3e7a65 So, how what does the enpass-import do at which are the considered fields? 1. field title is title 2. all field-value-pairs in openContents are token 3. all field-value-pairs in secureContents starting with "html" in filename are token 4. all items in secureContents.fields are token as field-value-pairs with values from field "name" and from field "value" Right? best, heinetz
  2. heinetz

    Leaving 1Password

    Hello Forum, This is for me not just an update of the operating system, but I rather check the software, with which I worked for 5 years. Now I have 1Password for more than 5 years and I liked more or less. Now I try Enpass as an alternative. I have as my data of 1Password ertsmal exported and then imported into Enpass. Unfortunately I am missing in Enpass important information, which I had stored in 1Password! For example, in 1Password, there is a field "location" that does not take into account when importing. Is there any way to import all fields when importing? best, heinetz
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