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  1. I have the most up to date versions of the apps, my apps update automatically. The problem is that the autofill popup next to the credentials fields appear and disappear rapidly, thus I can't use the autofill option and I need to go to Enpass and copy-paste to the login fields. I'll have a look at autofill options and will report back. Device: Nokia 7.1, Android OS: latest with July patch. Firefox: 79.0.5 (Build #2015758619), Enpass: Addition: I tried to screencap the autofill options but screen capture is prohibited in the app. I'm using Android autofill service, other tick boxes are unchecked. I also can't screencap the issue since I can't screencap sub-second flickering of the autofill invoking box.
  2. My Enpass doesn't play nice with the new Firefox for Android. Have any of you tested it out?
  3. Hi, I have some websites that want three fields to log in - so there's username, password and f.ex. last name. I haven't figured out how to make Enpass to autofill all of it. It does a fine job with username and pswd, but leaves the third alone. I've tried to add a data entry to the Enpass entry and label it accordingly, but this produced no results. What should I do?
  4. I've just noticed that on Chrome for Android Enpass puts Username-data into password-field of PayPal login page, making the login fail. Discuss.
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