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  1. Enpass is a great product. But the business model and company behind isn't anymore for me.
    I understand that they need to make money to deliver a good product in the long term, but it's sad how they treat their first paying customers.

    I have also drawn conclusions from this and switched to Bitwarden. I pay for it because 10$ per year is very fair. And I'm very happy with it.
    Why didn't you offer your existing customers a good deal to upgrade their subscription? Maybe I would have thought about it and stayed.

    Dear Enpass team, I hope you learn from this. And please stop the censorship of your customer voice and opinions.
    You can see what happened to LastPass and be happy that it is not so far for you.

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  2. Hello Enpass Team,

    Enpass autofills the wrong fields in all Synology apps for Android (DS File, Drive, Photos, etc.).

    It autofills "Address (Adresse oder QuickConnect ID)" and "Password (Kennwort)" instead of "Account (Konto)" and "Password (Kennwort)".

    Address or QuickConnect ID is normally filled with IP address or domain, but Enpass overwrites this field with username when autofilling.

    Android 10

    Enpass Android Version


    Kind regards


  3. 12 hours ago, LC27 said:

    I received an answer from Enpass team:

    “You got it right! The Windows App is showing Lite because you didn't purchase from there. As soon as the Enpass on Android is updated, you'll be prompted to register your Pro version. The registration there will bind your Android purchase with an email address which can be same as you used on Windows. After registration, your status of Lite will be upgraded to Pro on Android, and it may take up-to 24 Hrs to reflect the status on Windows. So, in short, you don't have to worry if you have purchased on any platform. Your purchases are safe and can be linked be any email.”

    It works for me. Today I got the Android update and could register with same email address to Enpass Pro. Also on the Windows traditional Win32 app it shows Enpass Pro now.

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  4. I also have the same question.

    I've purchased Enpass for Windows 10 (Windows Store) and also for Android. At work I use the traditional Win32 application. So I started Enpass today at work and updated the application to v6.3 (Win32) and after that I was prompted to register. I did it, but it shows Enpass Lite account now.

    What will happened when the Windows Store app and also the Android app get the update? Can I register again with the same email address and my account will upgraded to pro? Or can I just login with the already registrated email and it will upgraded to pro?

    Hope we get an answer...

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