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  1. I have the same issue. Hope you will fix it soon. It's a essentiel feature.
  2. I have the same issue, when I trying to use the "password must include the following symbols" feature. Enpass 6.4.1 (643) on Windows 10 64bit.
  3. It works for me. Today I got the Android update and could register with same email address to Enpass Pro. Also on the Windows traditional Win32 app it shows Enpass Pro now.
  4. I also have the same question. I've purchased Enpass for Windows 10 (Windows Store) and also for Android. At work I use the traditional Win32 application. So I started Enpass today at work and updated the application to v6.3 (Win32) and after that I was prompted to register. I did it, but it shows Enpass Lite account now. What will happened when the Windows Store app and also the Android app get the update? Can I register again with the same email address and my account will upgraded to pro? Or can I just login with the already registrated email and it will upgraded to pro? Hope we get an answer...
  5. I also bought Enpass for two platforms (Windows and Android). Yesterday i tried to register for pro. But it shows me lite account on Windows. How can I get pro? Now I'm waiting for the Android update so I can check it there. Can I login in with the registrated mail and the account status switch to pro? Thanky you.
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