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  1. Thanks, with the latest release the display is perfect again
  2. @Garima Singh I am on 6.6.0 (770). Windows-Hello worked without problems in all previous versions
  3. @Pratyush Sharma Please check this issue, or is since V6.6 Windows-Hello at startup a new premium feature :-)
  4. You have Norton or Bitdefer installed, correct? Both programs detected the exe as a virus since a few days. This is a false alarm. Enpass is in contact with Norton.
  5. Same here. When using automatic start at windows start, Windows Hello does not work. If i start Enoass manually, Windows Hello works. I am on Win 10 H2 20
  6. @@Garima Singh Any news to this matter?
  7. @Pratyush Sharma Thank you very much for your feedback. That relaxes me a bit. It would be nice if you could post the answer from Norton or Bitdefender that there is indeed no virus in the exe.
  8. @Pratyush Sharma Any idea to this matter? I am very concerned about this matter and require a response from Enpass NOW. IT'S ABOUT OUR PASSWORDS.
  9. In 2019 it was a false alarm. Keep my fingers crossed that this time it will be the same again. Especially with a file from the Windows Store. But also Ccleaner has caught it once so :-(
  10. Noch hoffe ich, dass es ein Fehlalarm von Norton ist.
  11. Me too. Windows 10 Store Update to V6.6 The traditional version seems to be ok, scanned by NORTON. ENPASS team we ask for an official statement!!
  12. I am also a pro customer with a total of three licenses, and of course I do not like the approach of Enpass, contrary to all promises, but I can understand the approach with the additional premium licenses. As long as I keep the Pro - functions, I can live with the consequences. And the two Premium - functions presented so far do not really interest me. As long as in the future one or the other improvement will include the pro - licenses and the apps will be maintained, I am happy. Above all I would like to keep the Wifi-Sync. Therefore Enpass is and remains my number one. Maybe the graphics problem will be fixed, as I was promised in another thread of Enpass team.
  13. @Garima Singh If there is anything I can support, please do not hesitate to contact me. Enpass is a great tool that I wouldn't want to miss
  14. @Pratyush Sharma sorry, my fault, I use windows 10 default font, I changed only scale to 200 %. Another scale e.g. 150 % or 100 % has no effect on this problem
  15. @Pratyush Sharma 1) I guess the issue starts with uptade to Win Pro 64 Bit 2004 2) Yes 3) No, only 1 with 4k-resolution
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