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  1. Accidentally posted the same message multiple times
  2. Accidentally posted the same message multiple times
  3. Great, many thanks for the feedback. Does this mean you were able to reproduce this error with Windows 2004 and are now looking into it?
  4. I use 4k resolution, 3840x2160, text scaling 200 % The error is independent of the text scaling size. The error also exists with lower resolutions
  5. Thanks, but this does not help. I try this before posting my problem. As I wrote, it is independent of the text scaling size. I also tried different versions of my Radeon RX 570 drivers. Maybe Enpass has trouble with Windows 2004, with pervious versions of windows I never had any problems with Enpass. @Support-Team: any idea or are other users known with this problem?
  6. Dear Forum, I updated today to V6.5.0. and have a small graphics problem. In the program but also in the browser-extensions the last parts of a line/headline are always cut off on the right side or bottom in the menu, in the single entries or generated passwords. It seems, a pixel row is missing. The problem occurs in the traditional version as well as in the store version. I use Windows 2004 (latest update) and a 4k resolution. The error is independent of the text scaling size. I have included two screenshots. This error occurs only with ENPASS. Does anyone have an idea what could happen? Cheers RUDI
  7. @Garima Singh Update 6.4.2 works fine :-) Tested on Windows 10 and Win Traditional versions :-) Great job ENPASS-Team!
  8. Shame ! Then a new installation and the reimport of your vaults will help. Did this in one case too . Then the password generator is working again and as default "symbols exclude" is activated
  9. You have to try again and again to generate a password after the crash (I did this 10 or 20 times). Do this in different situations, e.g. create new login or revise existing login. Eventually you will be able to open the Password Generator dialog. Then select the "symbols exclude" option. Then you can continue working normally. This is not a permanent solution, but a good workaround. I hope it works for you
  10. Dear ENPASS-Team, First of all: ENPASS is great! Unfortunately, in my new version 6.4.1. on Windows 10 (latest release) the password generator crashes when you select the new feature "password must include the following symbols". The error is reproducible on my two Windows 10 devices (PC and Microsoft Surface). I also forwarded several crash reports to the EPAS team yesterday. The old feature "exclude symbols" works fine. The error occurs with both the storeversion and the traditional version. Is an update planned? Cheers Rudi
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