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  1. Just an update to the original post. If anyone is having a hard time getting the other devices to accept the Pro version try to make sure the capitalization is correct on the email. Turns out that the reason my other devices weren't going pro was the first letter on my email was Capitalized when it wasn't supposed to. Now all my devices are accepting the Pro model. Even tested it by changing the email from the first letter being lowercase to Capitalizing it again and it reverted to lite. Once i changed it again it again to lower-casing the first letter it went back to pro. Support was helpful in mentioning this to me and just wanted to pass this along to others that may be having the same problem Thanks guy, RS
  2. Hello Everyone, I was one of the ones that originally had a pro subscription under the "MyAppfree" campaign. Once Enpass moved to the subscription model I as worried that I would have to pay but it looks like with the move they sent out emails to those that had pro models on one platform. I received one of those email and was happy to continue to use the platform. However I've not been able to get it working on any other of my devices. On iOS and my windows devices they all say that I'm a lite user. I'm worried as for one time as the many times i uninstalled and reinstalled the iOS version I got it to show pro one time. Then uninstalled it again only for it to go back to lite. I've been talking with support for well over a week and I just haven't been able to get a straight answer from them. They even sent me an out of date FAQ answer which tells me support may not even be helpful. Has anyone else been having the same issues or is this just me? Any advice to get this working also would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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