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  1. there are 2 fundamental things that are missing in this app and for that reason i find notepad way easier. 1.duplicating a field: so i can edit the field name etc and add a new item. but now the only way is to manually copy the field title and add new item , then paste it. very hard. should be a simple option to copy paste field. 2. being able to copy the field title and content not just the content (example. password) when doing a business there are several scenarios where id have to send details to a friend. but there is no option to copy field title. only way is to edit>copy field title. much harder. exampe there is a field title: password - 123455678 there is a copy button where i can copy password but no option to copy both title and and content(password) there should be option to drag like in windows desktop. drag and select multiple items with mouse and be able to copy either just the content or title and content. we should be able to use this option to even be able to drag and select multiple items, create a copy and paste it on an empty space, then drag and reposition items according to our need. now the only way to send large sections of the item to my friend is to manually type the field name 1 by 1, and then manually copy the field content `1 by 1 super incovenient. if i could rather drag and highlight an entire portion of fields and content and paste somewhere that would be great. also now the only way to do it is by screenshot and the problem is you cant copy paste stuff from screenshot, you have to manually type
  2. guys when the heck are you going to fix the tags bug? ive been asking for past few months. i have tags like sub folders. how the heck do i create a new item under the tag without it getting duplicated. when i go to the tag, such that the tag is highlighted, and i create a new item under that tag, instead of appearing under that tag section, this item gets auto created under a duplicate of that same tag, instead of being under the tag which i actually wanted it to be. ive asked this question so many time and it is getting frustrating, its been several months already you guys have not given a fix. i suggest we chat on telegram/whatsapp. u connect to my pc via anydesk session and i will show u this bug. please. its just not possible to work on things coz of this shit. .
  3. bruh please these tags are useless and buggy. u make one item and type a tag manually it will create duplicate tag. also u can't even move items between tags like u could in folders. worst shit feature ever
  4. it's already been a frickin while since i have been waiting for his. every single update and you didn't yet fix this damn taga bug. do u guys even test ur software before release? I make an item and after i make it, i go to the type tags section. so when i type it auto suggests existing tags. so yes i make a new item for example called "Item A" and i type under, the type in the tags field and it auto suggests an existing tag for me and i select that. after do this, "Item A" is assigned to this tag. but instead of appearing under that tags section, it creates a duplicate of that tag and appears under it. u can see here in the attached screenshot below , that the existing tag was duplicated automatically twice after i added this same tag to new item. i just type in the tag field so it auto suggest the tag and i can select but yea it creates a duplicate of that tag too. annoying bug. can't even do basic stuff because of it. this issue does not exist if i first go directly under that tag and then create the item there. then the item remains there. but it i type into the tag field and get it suggested, then it creates duplicate tag. please fix or i will change my app
  5. thankyou this problem has been going on since last year i thought u guys will fix it but it wasnt, this made me feel relying on a 3rd party company is not good for managing ur valuable passwords, rather i would stick to something robust like microsoft excel where its just a plain sheet atleast it will have less bugs than a password manager and i can customise or organize things easily. in enpass organizing passwords into tags is a big pain. obviously u guys should have made it folders rather than tags or atleast make the tags work like folders, ever since u brought tags it was a disaster. and rather than us having to even type the tags to get suggestions, if we already have self created tags, enpass should allow us to have the option to also pick from a list of tags rather than having to type it. both should be possible. coz sometimes i have way too many tags that typing to get suggestions is not always practical. allow us to pick from list of tags aswell besides also being able to type and get tag suggestions
  6. i just dont understand no matter how many times i update, your tag issues seems to be a complete bug on windows. now imagine i have 2 tags, and i have an item under a tag and i try to drag it to a new tag, what happens is it creates 2 tags such that the item appears under both tags, this is so stupid and frsutrating, the whole point of a user moving/dragging an item to a new tag is to move it there just like a folder. now lets say i have 2 tags, and now if i add a tag manually by typing, into the tag field which shows auto suggestions/auto complete and if i select one of the suggested tag, now it does not make the item appear under the extra suggested tag, what it does is it creates a new duplicate copy of the tag and adds the item under that tag instead of making it appear on the tag that i already selected. it just creates of duplicate copy of that tag and makes it appear under the already existing tags that i have. please try going to an item in windows and typing a tag manually by yourself and when the auto suggest comes click it and see what happens, the item does not simply move to an already existing tag , that was selected or appear there, instead it creates a duplicate copy of that same tag and makes it appear there so now i have 2 items. idk how your app has such fundamental flaws and its going unnoticed. please GIVE US AN EASY WAY TO COPY/PASTE, CUT/PASTE ITEMS, AND MOVE THEM BETWEEN TAGS JUST LIKE FOLDERS. EVEN DRAGGING AND DROPPING IS SO BAD THAT IT ADDS EXTRA TAGS INSTEAD OF MOVING THE ITEM TO THAT TAG LIKE FOLDERS. IF U CANT FIX THIS, IT IS SO COUNTER INTUITIVE, I WILL JUST BE FORCED TO SWITCH APPS. THESE ARE FUNDAMENTAL THINGS EVERY USER NEEDS. I DOUBT U GUYS HAVE REALLY TESTED COPYING OR ORAGNIZING PASSWORD AND ITEMS BETWEEN TAGS COZ IF U DID IT IS COUNTER INTUITIVE AND JUST DOESENT WORK AND TOO MANY BUGS
  7. guys this is the main reason i decline to update. from now on as soon as i get one stable version of your app im never gonna update as I've to keep dealing with issues all the time that never get fixed. with your new update, you give us auto suggestions as i type under the tag column on desktop app. the issue is after I've typed a tag through suggestions and added the tag this way, the item gets duplicate tag. so if i have one tag named ABCD and if i entered the tag thru suggestions on my item as described above, then abcd gets duplicated. so now i have 2 tags with abcd name instead of one. and the worst part about this i can even drag and drop the item into the tag like how folders work. it's so inconvenient and frustrating. also on android when i type into Tag area it does not auto suggest like desktop. what the hell? i have long tag name so do u expect me to remember the whole tag name and type it and save it and hope for it to be correct? this app is a failure. please fix these fundamental flaws first
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