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  1. I have several Computers. From one I can't restore from OneDrive. The Authentication works but after that I get the following message: Funny enough, Google Drive works. I tried to setup the Proxy but that lead just to: What is wrong here?
  2. That worked so far. But on my Computer at work I still have an error, although a new one: The error comes with or without Proxy settings setup.
  3. Alright, I installed it from scratch today and now I can setup the sync. But now I noticed that there is no sync between android beta and the windows beta.. Turns out that the android beta does sync to the folder "Enpass", while the Windows Version does sync to "Enpass Beta"... Seems this is the same on the other cloud providers as well..
  4. I try to setup sync with OneDrive on two of my computers. The once is in a corporate network the other isn't. The one in the coporate network (proxy setup) gives me after several attempts this code: My Standalone Copmputer just stays on this screen forever although the redirect page already closed again with a success message: I also tried it with another provider like Dropbox but the same behaviour.
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