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  1. Dear Monyker, how do you export to csv? I can only export to an Enpass-readible format?
  2. I am having the same issues. In April 2019 upon setting up my new iPhone, I lost my Premium subscription on my iPhone. It was still accessible via my MacBook. When I sent my purchase receipt (dated May 2015), my premium version was restored by the Support Team after 3 days. Now I have the same issue, but forced by the update. Luckily I can still access my passwords via my MacBook and iPad. Unfortunately, the Support Team is not as responsive as last May. I already sent my Purchase Receipt 3 times, but still I cannot access. Keep on getting emails that my support ticket will be closed as no feedback is received. Tried to export my passwords, but the format of the export is only accessible via Enpass. I would like to have an export in xls as well, just for backup matters! and I want to have my passwords again ...
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