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  1. Would be nice. Do you still have the 6.3.0 installer? Can't find it anywhere...
  2. Hi. Strange problem for me here. I have enpass for IOS filled with all my stuff. (it's by far my favorite password manager) The same account on an old MacBook Pro and everything was synced perfectly. As that old MBP died, I received a new one today and configured everything. When I Install enpass on my new computer, it can download from iCloud all datas but cannot upload any new stuff... The cloud icon up left of the window keeps turning and saying "synchronising" but nothing happens... I need to say that I'm an old user who bought the soft before it came to subscription mode and that I've been upgraded to a forever Enpass pro user. I'd really like it to work like it used to. I'm on Catalina, and 6.3.1 enpass version. Any lead?
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