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  1. I understand but you missed my question. I understand why you are putting attachments into separate files but I don't understand why SQLCipher is used for every .enpassattach file instead of just encrypting the file without database.
  2. Hello there! I really like the Enpass software so far. However, why do you make .enpassattach files a separate SQLCipher database to only store one attachment? Why not only store an encrypted version of the attachment without database? Kind regards, Vincent
  3. Can a staff member please answer the difference of synching via Google Drive and Dropbox? Why only one 'sync_default.walletx' on Google Drive but a lot of files in Dropbox?
  4. When I sync via Google Drive, I get a file `sync_default.walletx`. However, if I add an attachment, it is not visible in the `Enpass` directory. Wallet size stays the same. I have tried though, attachments are being synch'd to my Android app just fine. When I sync via Dropbox, the `App/Enpass` folder contains a wallet file and for each attachment a file. Why the difference between Google Drive and Dropbox? Where are the attachments sync'd using Google Drive? Thank you.
  5. Hello there! Using `menu -> file -> backup`, I can create a backup file. How do I restore the backup, especially the Primary vault? If I have an additional secondary vault, Enpass allows to restore backup in that vault via `...` on vault settings but this option is hidden for Primary vaults.
  6. +1. Master password must not be stored on non-volatile memory. Be it obfuscated or not.
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