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  1. I may have inadvertently selected Windows 10 version, which seemed not aware of my existing data, so I halted without completing and  I installed 6.5.2 725 for win32 which seems to run fine as a standalone /not browser plugin, except it's not syncing or getting updates from google drive which I update frequently from my Android Enpass.

    Now if I  launch Enpass as a browser plugin it seems to want to continue a new user windows 10 setup - which I don't want.

    I don't want to have to use Microsoft store for installing anything, and Enpass in particular, ever.



  2. Also having this problem. And worse, I used the browser extension to generate a new PW and saved, but when I checked Enpass, old PW still there. Fortunately I was able to recapture the new PW from the browser extension and manually update the PC client.

  3. Hi ,

    Fortunately I don't have so many imported items that editing each is a show stopper, but it is annoying to be unable to properly associate an imported item with a suitable preexisting subcategory, eg. subcategory bank, under category finance.

    I'd be OK if only I could edit the imported item category to select from the same pulldown menu of subcategories that is exposed when one creates a new item, instead of only the topmost category in the hierarcyhy. Fingers crossed for a forthcoming solution.

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