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  1. I may have inadvertently selected Windows 10 version, which seemed not aware of my existing data, so I halted without completing and I installed 6.5.2 725 for win32 which seems to run fine as a standalone /not browser plugin, except it's not syncing or getting updates from google drive which I update frequently from my Android Enpass. Now if I launch Enpass as a browser plugin it seems to want to continue a new user windows 10 setup - which I don't want. I don't want to have to use Microsoft store for installing anything, and Enpass in particular, ever. thanks
  2. I am also having this problem on my phone. Oddly, WiFi tethered PC and an older phone without cellular service both synch. This means when I'm out with my cell phone I can't use Enpass because the local database is old with now superceded passwords. Please, how to fix this?
  3. Thanks. I am aware of 1st two exceptions. Conclude my phone lacks sufficient? memory to run only enpass and one browser instance... Else, merely going to background causes Enpass PIN open to fail to work.
  4. I configured Enpass on my Android phones to allow PIN login but it doesn't work. If I switch windows (on phone only - PC PIN works) to any other app even momentarily , I have to reenter Master PW. Extremely frustrating.
  5. Also having this problem. And worse, I used the browser extension to generate a new PW and saved, but when I checked Enpass, old PW still there. Fortunately I was able to recapture the new PW from the browser extension and manually update the PC client.
  6. Hi , Fortunately I don't have so many imported items that editing each is a show stopper, but it is annoying to be unable to properly associate an imported item with a suitable preexisting subcategory, eg. subcategory bank, under category finance. I'd be OK if only I could edit the imported item category to select from the same pulldown menu of subcategories that is exposed when one creates a new item, instead of only the topmost category in the hierarcyhy. Fingers crossed for a forthcoming solution.
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