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  1. I am pretty sure its not something enpass can implement without apps actually implementing that feature in the login themselves.
  2. 100% right, default email at the top so that you don't have to scroll through a long list if you have many emails and other emails created.
  3. I need that, writing out the email each time is soo annoying and some password managers already have that. That would make the use of enpass a lot faster and comfortable to use. So +1 on my part, please add it soon and not in 8 years, it shouldn't be that hard to implement.
  4. I am very dissatisfied, I totally get why it was done, but breaking promised and trying to avoid the problem by just making "premium" service to have all the features makes me want to switch my password manager to another one. If you feel like lifetime plan doesn't work, then remove it, but the ones who got it they deserve in keeping it. Making more payment forms is just a very anti consumer move.
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