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  1. Didn't work for me either. Did it twice.
  2. Addendum: I "reauthenticated" iCloud on iPhone, but now it also just spins and spins
  3. Same here. Spins and spins on a secondary vault. Can't find ANYTHING online about fixing this. Found some similar problems that recommended to reset your iCloud sync, but there's no option to do that in Enpass. Vault just circles and circles like it's syncing, but never does.
  4. I was hoping someone from Enpass might provide some insight. I can't find any other way to contact support on their website. Are these forums monitored by Enpass? I thought they were, but not sure. Maybe I haven't waited long enough?
  5. Sorry about the error. I had posted something incorrectly and it wouldn't let me delete it when I tried to edit my reply. My experience is different from that of Roobert. My secondary computer is not syncing, but only spinning and spinning and spinning. No sync. I repeat.... no sync. Not sure what to do next. Delete app and redownload?
  6. I have the same problem, but only on one Mac. I use Enpass on two iMac's and my and my wife's iPhones. Enpass is syncing on one iMac but just spins and spins when trying to sync the Primary vault on the other. I'm not sure how it's related, but I have a secondary vault set up for my wife and we had to change her iCloud password for problems in another app. Since that time, I figured out I had to change the password for her iCloud account in my primary computer to get it to sync, but on my secondary computer, both running the same OS version and both with the latest updates to Enpass, the sync icon spins and spins and doesn't give me any options to try to fix, such as re-authenticate or deauthorize. Interestingly, on the secondary computer, my wife's vault seems to be syncing. I've tried closing and reopening Enpass. I've restarted my computer. I've deleted an entry that I had changed on the secondary computer, thinking the change might have somehow corrupted the sync issue. When I opened Enpass on my wife's new iPhone, it presented a dialog to switch to the new Enpass Pro, I suppose as part of the inclusion of early adopters of Enpass into the subscription model. I did all that it required and it was confusing but seemed to work. Opening Enpass on my iPhone didn't prompt me to switch to the new Enpass Pro. Both iPhones were running the latest version of Enpass iOS. I also would appreciate any suggestions on what to try next.
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