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  1. I have used Enpass across 3 PCs and an Android Phone for years. The sync is via OneDrive. It has been fine until just now. This morning, fine, just now it says Sync Error - Password of data on OneDrive is required. I click Resolve Now and enter the correct OneDrive password (I know it's correct, I just checked by login to OneDrive by Broswer and none of my OneDrive synced PCs have a problem) and it says: Incorrect Password. I then try the correct Enpass password (I know it's correct because I just logged into Enpass desktop with it) and it says: Incorrect Password. ??? I don't want to change my OneDrive Password as this means having to change my Microsoft password across multiple devices and email accounts - a royal pain. I don't want to chaange my Enpass password as I'd have to do that over multiple devices (but if I must, I must). The only change from this morning is that I was invited to join Microsoft Teams using an email address which isn't my main account or the one I use for OneDrive. Why can't I sync with the correct password and how can this be resolved?
  2. OK but it is still odd that the different ways of closing the app have different effect.
  3. It is exactly an issue of Enpass. You will see this if you follow the diagnostic I posted. There are 3 ways to close Enpass. 1 works, 2 don't. Clearly they are different. If you don't believe me, do the different close-downs and look at Task Manager. But please don't disagree with an untested "opinion".
  4. Hallo, I'm very aware of that, thank you. I have been an Enpass user for some years across several devices: 2 PCs, a tablet and a phone. The issue I and the other user have reported is nothing to do with that so please don't confuse and get distracted. As I found in testing today, if you exit the app by Menu, it closes completely. Then the local files are released and OneDrive can sync them properly. If, however, you X out of the app or right-click close in Taskbar, the app stays running in Background Processes. This keeps the files locked and unavailable to OneDrive for syncing so OneDrive reports error. It's a pain. This is not anything to do with Enpass itself syncing itself to the cloud. It's because, like many people, I have setup the OneDrive option for syncing all Docs to the cloud. If you look in Task Manager and close Enpass the three ways, you will see this behaviour.
  5. Exit by "Exit" on Menu - Enpass closes fully, no issues with OneDrive sync Exit by X in top right corner - Enpass comes out of Apps list BUT goes into Background Processes list - OneDrive won't sync due to Enpass files Exit by right-click on Taskbar - same issue.
  6. @Pratyush Sharma OK thank you. I have Enpass on all my devices for some years so it would be great to have this issue resolved in next release. Best Regards
  7. Is there going to be any response to this issue as posted before Xmas? The continual need to use Task Manager to close down a non-running Enpass to clear OneDrive sync errors is a real annoyance.
  8. I have just started to sync my Documents folder with OneCloud. It always stalls with two files remaining open: enpasssettings.db and syncmeta.db. These files remain locked even when Enpass is not running on the desktop. I have to use TaskManager to shut Enpass down. Then the files sync OK. I remember something like this in 2018 when the same issue prevented an Enpass update. Please fix this issue - it is an irritation every time I use Enpass and I'm sure you don't want that. The app should not continue to run in Task Manager even after I have closed it on the desktop. Thanks
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