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  1. I wish I could because that's where the up to date database already is, and I have three other devices already using it. But version 6 on my new Android phone does not present the business drive as an option, only the personal drive. As I understand it, that is a problem others in this thread are facing. Since no one seems to be able to tell us when that functionality will become available, I'm now looking for the best procedure to move the database from the business drive to the personal drive.
  2. For those of us fortunate enough to have access to both a business and a personal OneDrive, what is the recommended procedure for moving the database from the business to a personal OneDrive? To be clear, I have two versions of the database. The up to date version is in the business OneDrive and is shared by multiple devices. An older and incomplete version is in the personal OneDrive, and has been out of use for some time. This all started because I got a new phone and had to get the new version which will only sync with the personal OneDrive. It's aggravating.
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