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  1. I don't agree with you. To give you an example: When you buy a software, you normally get a serial-number (which you can already save it in Enpass). But some software are providing a license-file instead of a serial number. This files are very small and I don't want to store dem separate in a encrypted folder. As I have written previously, for bigger data we can use encrypted folder, but license-files or key-files have in opinion the same priority as passwords. Another point is the sync with the cloud. I don't know, how the development-team have implemented the sync function, but nowadays it's possible to sync only the changes between two files. Next today we have highspeed Internet and so the sync takes some seconds. The last point (I don't want to attack you) if this feature is implemented, nobody forces you to use it. So if you don't attach documents to Enpass, the DB of Enpass will stay at the same size as it is now. It's fine that you only store passwords in Enpass, but in my case some files(cert,...) are used to authenticate me on some services. These files are used like passwords and for this reason I also want to store it in the same location as all my other passwords.
  2. Yes it would be helpfull to attach documents or files of any type. There was already created a feature request for attachments (see below) Coming back to your sentence of the DB size. Of course it will increase it, but nowadays we cane compress the data before saving it. Next I think, that the important documents, which you want to save in Enpass are small (In my case each file is some kilobytes big). So the DB will not increas significant. If you have to store bigger data or all data you have, then encrypt your hard drive and only store the private key in Enpass. I would like to store the private keys of PGP, SSH to give you an example in Enpass. ATM I have stored them in Keepass. Enpass is already a powerful password manager and I like it. So thank you guys for providing this nice manager.
  3. So far I have done it in this way: Add a new Field Select Type URL and Name it Add the URL in the new created Field Afterwards it looks similar to the screenshot below Cheers, edenhaus
  4. Hi Ipad mini 3, ich verwende Enpass auf Windows, iOS und auf dem Mac und sie sind auf Deutsch. Welche Enpass-Versionen sind nicht in Deutsch? @Enpass-Team If you need someone for translating Enpass to German, then please contact me.
  5. Hi Chris, it's already possible. Give a look at -> https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-windows/customize.html#re-arranging-fields it's in the new version a little different and you have to first on "Field" and then on "Reorder Fields", but then you can order it as you want it. --> I hope, I have understand your problem correctly.
  6. subscribe. I have the same "problems" as you
  7. Same here. When i try to login at the university page, Enpass is not autofilling it. Also if I search manuelly the enty and double click on it, it will not fill in the password. What can I do?
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