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  1. I have the same external TPM2.0 Module in my desktop PC as the others (Infineon). It also doesnt work for me. But I have a Surface Pro X (ARM) where the full-time Hello works in Enpass.

    The TestApp that you provided outputs this on the desktop PC:

    13:55:14.2142880 HelloSupported::True
    13:55:14.2252865 KCM::OpenStatus::NotFound
    13:55:14.2252865 KCM::OpenFailed::RequestingCreate.
    13:55:19.3764583 KeyRetrievalStatus::Success
    13:55:19.3914589 GetAttestationStatus::NotSupported

  2. Hello,

    I reinstalled Enpass because of another problem and after the reinstall it fails to connect with OneDrive. I click on existing user and on restore via OneDrive, then it opens the Microsoft Login API page, after I log in there it redirects to this link: 


    I left out the code parameter for security reasons. The link returns a 502 Bad Gateway error page from nginx webserver.

    Please have this fixed fast, so I can use Enpass on this PC again. For now I have managed to login via backup file, but it is not synchronized now.


    Thank you for hard work

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