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  1. @Kashish - Already tried, see initial post. @Ivarson- FF or Chrome, Yes to the other questions. Enpass have reached out directly to resolve - if resolved successfully I will post an update here.
  2. Hi Kashish, No joy, I have removed Enpass with --purge re-followed the setup instructions and still get the same error. I have another Ubuntu build it works fine on? It used to work fine on this build but then suddenly stopped for no apparent reason?!
  3. Hi Kashish, No joy, also as per the original post I want to use OneDrive I was testing Google Drive to see if it was an isolated incident - however it appears that all platforms for me are not working. No FW or proxy in place.
  4. Hi Pratyush, Thanks for replying. 1. It redirects back to the app 2. Previously it was continuously loading, now after a remove/reinstall I get "Something went wrong. Error 1" 3. I get "Google Drive Error Code 401" when attempting to connect to Google Drive
  5. App recently started reporting an error with OneDrive sync, so I disconnect and attempted to setup the sync again. Unfortunately after authenticating on OneDrive the app just freezes on the "Set Up Sync... Please Wait" screen. Ubuntu 19:10 Enpass Have tried; sudo update-desktop-database and sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime Still no luck?!
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