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  1. I got the following answer from the support. ----- Managing the Enpass subscription is no different from managing a subscription to any other app on your phone. To change the subscription plan, you can cancel the currently purchased suboptions plan. To do so, have a look at this link. Now to opt for a new plan you have to wait for the completion of the previous subscription cycle. Warm regards, Enpass Support Team | https://discussion.enpass.io/
  2. Hi! I have at the moment Enpass with a 6 month plan since I wanted to try it out before deciding. I have now come to the conclusion that I want to keep using Enpasss and would like to make a one-time payment. How do I do that? The only thing I can find is to upgrade to a 12 month-plan i my Android app but no one-time payment option... Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! I'm a new user of Enpass and has so far only used syncing from PC to Android by plugin in my mobile and drag an drop the sync-file to my mobile. Today I added some new accounts on my phone and wanted to sync them to my PC and tried drag and drop the other way around, but then when I later synced in the PC program the new account didn't show up. Have tried multiple times, but the problem remain. Please help! PC: Dell Latitude E5440, Windows 10 Pro, Enpass version Phone: Motorola G5+, Android 8.1.0, Enpass /ajbp95
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