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  1. hello again, what happens ist this and it bothers me a lot meanwhile: i have the app in the forground and hit cmd-h to hide it. if i want it back in the foreground (usually cmd-tab) the main window is gone. is this intended (security) behaviour? if so i would love to have an option to turn it off. so that the main window is alway available. the mentioned shortcut above to get it back is just a worksaround in my opinion. please please thing about this and talk to you developers. thank you so much! and i hope for an update soon best wishes, kai
  2. dear garima, thank you also for listening and improving the app! and please do not forget the bigger notes field in edit mode! best wishes, kai
  3. hi garima, thanks for coming back to me so quickly! i meant a different function for the shortcut. i mean a shortcut within the enpass programm. like under "window" minimize (cmd-m). in the same menu is the "main window" (have to translate from german "hauptfenster"). that really needs a shortcut on its own! because that mainwindow keeps disappering the moment the app goes in hide (cmd-h in finder). thanks again! best wishes, kai
  4. hey kashish, thanks for your replies and great that you might bring these changes in the future!!! a shortcut to call the main window would be very helpful! (cmd +1 or something) i use enpass 6.3.3 (584) on macos 10.14.6 best wishes, kai
  5. hi there, i enjoy using enpass now for a few month and really like it a lot! two things which make working with it for me difficult are: 1) the note field is in edit mode far too small. i use it extensively and scrolling in this tiny window is a pain... ;) 2) the main window disappears after a certain time (i don't know why at all). since i cmd-tab to switch apps it does not appear when selecting the enpass app-icon. getting it back means moving to the menu bar and clicking on window -> main window. a couple of times a day... so it would be great if this window could just stay open or alternatively a shortcut to get it back to the front. like cmd-1 or so. hope you can add these changes soon in a future update. thanks a lot! kai
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