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  1. Kai

    Notes Field

    thanks manish! i am looking forward to news from the concerned team best wishes, kai
  2. Kai

    Notes Field

    hi @Manish Chokwal the macos desktop version of enpass only shows in normal mode a large notes field. the moment i click on edit it shrinks to a tiny size with a scroll bar on the side and cannot be made bigger. or did i miss something? it also would be very helpful if a search would be available inside the notes field or alternatively in only the one entry. right now i have to copy the content of the notes field into a text editor and search there. not ideal i really really hope you will improve the usage of the notes field in the near future. thanks a million! kai
  3. Kai

    Notes Field

    dear @Manish Chokwal thanks a lot for your reply! while this is true for the ios version it is not for the macos version (which i am using mainly for editing notes). i have the latest versions on ios and macos. do you need a screenshot? i own a pro licence (pro features life long). could you let me please know what this included exactly? thanks! the extension for safari on macos is slow and also cumbersome to use. i keeps hiding in the background and is very forgetful (remember this browser does not work.)
  4. hi there, my wish and request is actually almost 3 years old. it is not in the forum anymore. so here i am again even though you mentioned improving the "notes field" in macos and ios recently i have a hard time noticing it. it is far too small in edit mode!!! i use it extensively and really would love to see a nice big note field especially in edit mode. also as of late copying text (not with the copy button) from anywhere has to be done multiple times before it succeeds. this is also something i use a lot. especially in the notes field... and since i am here... the extension for safari on macos is slow and also cumbersome to use. i keeps hiding in the background and is very forgetful (remember this browser does not work.) thats it for today thanks for listening and all the best to you! kai ps: i own a pro licence (pro features life long). could you let me please know what this included exactly? thanks!
  5. hi pratyush, thanks a lot! would be great and make my daily life and use of the app much more fun! i also want to remind you of a very simple change in the app. just a cmd-e shortcode or similar to bring open the main app window again from hiding (cmd-h) in the finder of macos. thanks a million! kai
  6. hi garima, thanks for forwarding my suggestions! i really hope you will consider both! i asked for the note field a couple of times already and i thinks i am probably not the only one..!? ;) best wishes, kai
  7. hi garima, thanks for your answer. i described the problem already a couple of times. i am referring to the tiny note field in edit mode. enpass on macos and ios. that is obvious that it is far too small. no? i switched from 1password to enppass. so i made heavy use of the notefild in 1password. there it was easy to edit a lot of text. in enpass it is almost impossible because you see a few lines of text and then have to scroll. so i never see all the text which makes it really difficult to work with it! it is the yellow text area in normal view mode which turns into a tiny scrolling window in edit mode. i would be sooooo happy if you could make that much bigger!!!! another strange thing is that i have to click on the fingerprint icon before unlocking enpass (macos) with touch id. that is so unnecessary! why not just use touch id or offer both options (text input password and touch id?) why must i switch? thanks again for considering! best wishes, kai
  8. hi there, since our last conversation there where many updates. everytime i was hoping that you would have added some of my suggestions. but none has been added yet 3 things really make my work with enpass difficult: • the far too tiny note field when editing • no shortcut to bring the main window back into sight when it has been hidden (cmd-h) • the touch unlock feature requires to klick on the touch icon (fingerprint) before using this feature. i end up just typing in the password because it is quicker. why not have both methods available right away without the extra klick on this icon? that would be great! thanks again and all the best! kai
  9. hello again, what happens ist this and it bothers me a lot meanwhile: i have the app in the forground and hit cmd-h to hide it. if i want it back in the foreground (usually cmd-tab) the main window is gone. is this intended (security) behaviour? if so i would love to have an option to turn it off. so that the main window is alway available. the mentioned shortcut above to get it back is just a worksaround in my opinion. please please thing about this and talk to you developers. thank you so much! and i hope for an update soon best wishes, kai
  10. dear garima, thank you also for listening and improving the app! and please do not forget the bigger notes field in edit mode! best wishes, kai
  11. hi garima, thanks for coming back to me so quickly! i meant a different function for the shortcut. i mean a shortcut within the enpass programm. like under "window" minimize (cmd-m). in the same menu is the "main window" (have to translate from german "hauptfenster"). that really needs a shortcut on its own! because that mainwindow keeps disappering the moment the app goes in hide (cmd-h in finder). thanks again! best wishes, kai
  12. hey kashish, thanks for your replies and great that you might bring these changes in the future!!! a shortcut to call the main window would be very helpful! (cmd +1 or something) i use enpass 6.3.3 (584) on macos 10.14.6 best wishes, kai
  13. hi there, i enjoy using enpass now for a few month and really like it a lot! two things which make working with it for me difficult are: 1) the note field is in edit mode far too small. i use it extensively and scrolling in this tiny window is a pain... ;) 2) the main window disappears after a certain time (i don't know why at all). since i cmd-tab to switch apps it does not appear when selecting the enpass app-icon. getting it back means moving to the menu bar and clicking on window -> main window. a couple of times a day... so it would be great if this window could just stay open or alternatively a shortcut to get it back to the front. like cmd-1 or so. hope you can add these changes soon in a future update. thanks a lot! kai
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