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  1. It's working with intel TPMs. I have an intel core m3 7th gen, which is working and and two AMD Ryzens, which are not working. I lost hope, that Enpass is ever gonna address this issue. They collect the money and that's that. Very sad to see.
  2. Fixing this problem doesn't bring them money - so I predict it's never going to be fixed. Sadly. Maybe some new business client will tell them, that this is unacceptable and they will listen...
  3. I lost hope, that this will ever be fixed. They have all the details for months and they don't bother to fix it. It's not bringing any new money and fixing such bugs costs a lot of time. Ultimately we can choose to stay with the product with all it's known flaws or move on. Sad but true.
  4. Is anybody from Enpass still following this topic and would care to give us an answer?
  5. I can confirm, that I have exactly the same setup: (Language is German, but everything else is the same) PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> get-tpm TpmPresent : True TpmReady : True TpmEnabled : True TpmActivated : True TpmOwned : True RestartPending : False ManufacturerId : 1095582720 ManufacturerIdTxt : AMD ManufacturerVersion : ManufacturerVersionFull20 : I'm very disappointed, that there is no reaction from Enpass! I gladly pay the yearly fee, because I really like the tool, but this is very annoying. Please have a look at this problem and give us a feedback, why it isn't working and when it will be fixed! Best regards Alex
  6. I have the same problem with two AMD Systems. I tried everything: Reset TPM, disable/enable Hello within OS und Enpass App. It never works. Best regards Alex
  7. I really don't know. It has nothing to do with archiving, since most of the missing attachments weren't stored with archived entries. Maybe it was reinstalling Enpass and vault synchronizing a couple of times on different devices? Since I could restore it from an old backup I didn't do much research about the cause. I I just learned and mentioned, that you can export all entries to JSON (archived and not archived), but if you import the JSON data again, everything is in the current view and nothing is archived any more.
  8. Ok, it took me a while but I managed to restore everything. I took these steps: 1. Found an old backup file an restored the attachments as files 2. Exported the whole default vault as a JSON file 3. Deleted Enpass from every device and from Google Drive 4. Deleted Enpass App Data directly from Google drive and disconnected Enpass 5. Imported the default vault from the JSON export 6. Connected and synchronized Google Drive again 7. Connected all devices again Everything seems to work again, including the newly inserted attachments. What I learned: - The JSON Export can also export archived entries, but if you restore everything they are not archived any longer. I hope I can help people with similar problems. Best regards Alex
  9. Hello, I'm a long time satisfied Enpass user. But today I discovered something very frightening. I cannot display or save any of my attachments. I have six attachments inside my vault and none of them are usable any more! I use Enpass on Windows 10 (latest store version 6.3.3 (596)), Android (latest Play Store version 6.3.4 (298)) and iOs (latest version, device not at hand to check). The desktop and Android version display the same error message: "Attachment Not Found. To download the attachment, please synchronize your vault with the same cloud account used to restore the data" The attachments are different, PDF, TXT and JPG files. None of them work any more. I synchronize my fault via Google Drive. I'm very worried, since I stored this files for security reasons only inside Enpass. Please help me. Best regards Alex
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