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  1. Why can't I use both at the same time? Can you please integrate that? I think you still haven't understood me properly (sorry my English is not so good). I use Enpass on my Macbook Pro (with TouchID). As long as I work directly on my Macbook, TouchID is available to me. Of course I want to use that in Enpass. So now I work from time to time with an external keyboard (desk). TouchID is then not available to me there (my external keyboard don't have TouchID). So I have to enter the password every time, which is not cool. I would then like to use PIN and as soon as I use my Macbook on the road again, I would like to use TouchID again. But of course I don't want to switch from TouchID to PIN and back again in the Enpass settings every time. Is there no better solution here or can you please allow both in parallel? I think I'm not the only one with the problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey Manish, thank you! But I think you didn’t understand it right. Yes I want to use Touch ID. And if Touch ID ist Not available (external keyboard), Enpass should automatically use Pin. At the moment Enpass want to use Touch ID but Touch ID is not available. So I must enter my password. But I want PIN. But Pin and Touch ID together is not possible (this is what I Search). What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys, I have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID and I use TouchID for Enpass. On my Desk I use an external keyboard without TouchID. Please is there a way to use PIN instead of Password if TouchID is not available? Thanks in advance.
  4. @Garima Singh thank you this works! But what I do not understand ... with the previous Enpass version I could just right click on the respective page, select Enpass and it automatically entered the entry (if only one entry is available). Why is that no longer possible?
  5. No I don't use keyboard shortcuts. Under Browser->Shortcuts there is the default Safari shortcut "cmd+/". But this shortcuts also didn't work in Safari for me. Do you mean this?
  6. Do you mean in keychain? I deactivated Keychain by switching to Enpass and deleted it completely. But it doesn't work with any login. No matter whether the login is old or has just been created. As you can see in this video, I only have one entry on Enpass at Twitte. But it is not automatically entered. I have to confirm again in the Enpass manager. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bauzeg30ykr7tog/IMG_4466.MOV?dl=0
  7. Thank you! No "Match URL hostname" is not enabled. I just tested it again. I'm definitely not working on Safari (macOS 10.15.3). Although there is only one entry for the website, the Enpass Assistant comes again and I have to confirm the entry with a double click.
  8. Hello everybody. Since the last Enpass update, an entry is no longer automatically inserted in Safari. It used to be the case that if there was only one entry on the respective page, it was automatically entered. Now I have to confirm the Enpass entry again every time. is there a way to do it like before? Sorry for the bad English its from google translator ;-) Manuel
  9. Hello everyone, i have a problem and wanted to ask if there is a solution. I add a password on my macOS. 5 minutes later I need this password in iOS. But the Password isn't there. I have to open the app again on the iPhone, then it only starts the synchronization after 10 seconds. Only then the new password on the iPhone is available. I use Dropbox. Is there a way to synch without open the app? The App run in the background for sure. Or should I use a other Cloud? (iCloud?).
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