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  1. When signing up for new apps or for website on Android it would be very handy to have the option to generate the password as an option. This is currently unavailable, or only accessible by opening the Enpass app, copying the password and pasting it into the form of the app/website. By the same token the onscreen keyboard for Enpass, should also have a key that allows this option. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am using Enpass on a Huawei Y6 2019 release. It is running on Android 9 and I am using version My main problem is that although I set Auto Locking only to occur after 30 mins and enabled a PIN, each time I am accessing the app it is asking for the master password. this is a major inconvenience as this phone has no fingerprint authentication. Which settings need to be modified to reliably ask for only the PIN within each 30 mins period? kind regars,
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