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  1. Hello, I've been using Enpass for around a day now and have some feedback to give which will hopefully be implemented to improve Enpass for the convenience of everyone. Add an option to keep the Enpass vault unlocked until you end your current browsing session: Say I login to Enpass while my browser is open Enpass will remain unlocked until I close the browser, once I close the browser Enpass will lock itself. Similar to how Enpass will lock once you close the Enpass window however with a browser instead. Possibly as a sub-option to this to tell it whether to bypass the existing time based auto-locking features or not. Add a persistent notification setting for accessibility service autofill on Android: Instead of constantly scanning for login fields add a persistent notification and only scan for login fields when that notification has been pressed. This'll save battery life. The font in the Windows client needs to become larger and bolder: Currently it’s too slim which causes it to have a very jagged look, there’s a similar issue with the icons, they’re too small and not bold enough. If the font and icons were to be updated to be larger and bolder with more smooth features it’ll make the app much more pleasing to look at and will make reading much easier. Create a portable Windows client (and possibly Linux): Having portable clients makes it easier to manage completely separate accounts and is also good for security so you can completely separate say a personal instance and a business instance on separate removable drives. Thanks for reading, happy password keeping!
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