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  1. Now, one day later, its working again, at least on MacOS :-) Why now? I do not know? Automatic update? Or simply a total restart of the Brave browser?
  2. Hmmh, this is not really a solution, sorry. Yes, if I lower the shield in Brave, the attempt to connect to Enpass succeeds. However, it takes several seconds for every attempt and even though the Enpass app is already up and open, when Brave finally does connect, the app is somehow closed and I have to re-open it again (with my master password or fingerprint). Also the auto-fill of the credentials does not work, so I have to copy and paste both the username and password fields into the login of the website I want to visit. This is not a very nice User-Experience. Furthermore now I am also having this issue on my other PC - a MacBook Pro 2018 running MacOS Mojave!
  3. Dear Support, I had a similar problem syncing to iCloud. Having followed your advice above, the error messages no longer appear and the synchronisation "appears" to have succeeded, i.e. when I press the "Sync Now" button, the message "Last Synchronised: a few seconds ago" appears :-) Thank you! However, when I open my iCloud drive using the Finder on my Macbook Pro, I do not see any data - it appears that nothing is stored there by Enpass. There are also no hidden files :-( I changed one of my passwords on my Macbook and the change was visible wiht the Enpass app on my mobile phone, so the synchronisation via iCloud works :-) Why can I not see the file (Vault) on my iCloud Drive? Kind Regards, John Device: Macbook Pro from 2018 MacOS: Mojave, Version 10.14.6 Enpass 6.5.2 (726)
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