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  1. Are you saying for my wife to sign in to Onedrive with my Office 365 user id, even though I have shared the vault folder to her in Onedrive. Like I said, she can see the vault file, but Enpass will not connect to it.
  2. All software is up to date on 2 iphone 7 plus and Windows 10 pc. I have a vault with `130 items in in that works just fine between the Windows 10 enpass app and my iphone 7 plus. I can add or change entries on either device, do a sync, and other device shows the change. Beautiful. So I share the OneDrive\Apps\Enpass folder with my wife's email address using Onedrive sharing. The Onedrive app on her iphone 7 plus sees the shared Onedrive folder and vault file. I install her copy of Enpass and start the app, I tell it to use Onedrive to start, but the Enpass app never sees the shared Onedrive folder and creates an Enpass1 folder with an empty vault file in it. Both iphones own a lifetime copy of Enpass bought through the Apple store under each of our email addresses. i just want both our phones to be able to share and change all our mutual passwords...Please help
  3. From the Welcome Page, and selecting the "Restore from Cloud" , then clicking OneDrive, I get the message I stated before. "Sorry, we could not find Enpass 6 data on this OneDrive account". Could you please re read what my first question was and tell me why my wife's Windows 10 sees the dates change in File Explorer the OneDrive Vault file and yet her windows 10 enpass app gets the Sorry message. The windows version seems to be 633, What ever the latest download from your website is. The IOS is version 6.3.2 C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_6.33.596.0_x86__fwdy0m65qb6h2\EnpassFiles
  4. l use OneDrive to sync my Enpass vault to my Windows 10 laptop and my IOS phone. All works fine. I then shared my OneDrive to my Wife's email address and her IOS phone gets all of the updates I make on my OneDrive Enpass Vault. But even when I can see the date change on the Enpass Vault file while viewing OneDrive on her Windows 10 laptop because I made a change and synced it on my Laptop or IOS phone, I am still unable to get the Enpass app on her Laptop to sync with the shared file. I have reinstalled, erased data, and done everything I can think of, but it still tell me the following, "Sorry, we could not find Enpass 6 data on this OneDrive account".. And since I am a brand new user in the last month or so, I believe that I have had no other kind of data. Any ideas, I would like my Wife's laptop to work like her IOS phone, my IOS phone, and my laptop does. BTW, both phones are 7 Plus
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