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  1. I use Enpass with several devices (Windows 10 + Android). I connect to my own Nextcloud server by Webdav. The very annoying problem i have is that on my Samsung S10+ (most recent standard Android version), the webdav connecting disappears. The line where it normally says: https://address-of-my-nextcloud/remote.php/webdav is empty then. I have to click disconnect en make the connecting again. After that i wil work again for a couple of days but it keeps disappearing. This doesn't happen on my Samsung tablet (older Android version) or on my S8 (same version). Any ideas on how to fix this? I am not willing to use a different connection method other than Webdav i have tried to remove and reinstall the app. I am using the most recent version. Besides this i am pretty happy about Enpass, too bad it doesnt add new registrations very well but i can do that by hand. The problem above is starting to become a major issue for me. Thanks in advance!
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