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  1. My Flatpak has successfully been added to FlatHub! https://beta.flathub.org/apps/io.enpass.Enpass
  2. Since Enpass' license is proprietary, I've ensured everything was handled during the `apply_extra` steps.
  3. I've created an unofficial Enpass Flatpak for those still looking for it. Most recent build was successful: flatpak install --user https://dl.flathub.org/build-repo/11663/io.enpass.Enpass.flatpakref
  4. Good afternoon, I have a Surface Pro X which runs Windows on ARM. While the x86 version of Enpass from the Microsoft store works, I'm wondering if you could compile an ARM64 build to help with battery life and possibly other performance benefits if I were to have Enpass constantly running in the background. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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