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  1. Finally, I resolved tris annoying problem using the procederé detailed velos: 1) Uninstall Firefox extensión Firefox version 80.0.1). 2) Reinstall Enpass Firefox Extensión (Firefox versión 80,0.1). Problem persisted). 3) Uninstall Enpass (Windows Modern version) because it stated in Configuration that the app detected Unknown Error -1. 4) Install Enpass (Traditional Win32 version). Now when I logged in using Enpass, I receive no e-mail at all from Enpass Team. It apeará the problem is related with Enpass Modern Versión (i.e., the one installed from Microsoft Store). Regards, Luís
  2. Sorry I don't your message before. I'll update the app and I will keep you posted about its behavior. Regards, Luis Hurtado
  3. I have the same problem. 1) I use Enpass on Windows 10 Pro 1909 (Modern App) and iOS version 13.4.1. 2) On Windows the Enpass version is 6.4.1 (642) and the Enpassversion on IOS is6.4.3 (457). 3) In both devices I'm using ZoneAlarm: Extreme Security on Windows and ZoneAlarm Mobile on iOS.
  4. I followed your advise. First , I restarted my phone and doesn’t worked. After that, I reinstalled the App, restored the local backup and now Enpass operates flawlessly. Thank you very much Tahreem for your kind help.
  5. Hi, my ñame is Luís Hurtado and recently I switched from Android to iOS. The issue that is trouble me japonés when I want to fill up a y credentials, e.g. whem I want to fill Netflix ones On the app. The problem occurs when I need to unblick Enpass, I can enter the PIN but I’m unable to see the Unlock button. Also, I’m unable to ser th dots Shenyang I’m typing the PIN code. Some useful data: Enpass version: 6.3.2 (418) iOS versión: 13.3.1 iPhone setting: Accounts and Passwords -> Passwords Autofill -> Enpass enabled By the way, Enpass das installed from Apple Store. In advance, Tianjin you very much for yogur help. Kind regards, Luis Hurtado luis.hurtado@gmx.com
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