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  1. Hello, in many cases passwords are restricted to standard ascii characters and other characters such as accented letters are not allowed since they can be encoded differently depending on the source. Are there such restrictions on the vault password or can I use accented letters and be able to access a vault from say both my android and Windows ? Best regards Guillaume
  2. Well, there is only this annoying mail saying (3 times today !) ; What screenshot would you like ? Hello, Your email was used to register a new device with Enpass. Device: PCxxxxx Date and Time: May 27, 2020 12:34 p.m. UTC If this wasn’t you, please drop us a mail at support@enpass.io. Regards, Enpass Team
  3. Hello, enpass version is 6.42.662.0, running on Windows 10 build 19631, with only Windows defender as AV, and the problem has been here for a long time in previous builds. I'm using it on android 10 too, no problems there Yes, changes are kept. Enjoy your day
  4. Hello, each time I open Enpass, I'm getting a mail message telling me "New device registered with Enpass" Is there a workaround for this ? Best regards.
  5. Thank you for your answer Anshu actually there is no password since this is a digital 0-9 keyboard used for password for a bank account. nevertheless in such case I would not expect Enpass to attempt autologin in any case :-) I made the checkbox appear. it was unchecked and yet enpass attempts autofill. I thought "automated connection" would not attempt autofill. Was I wrong ? Thank you for your help.
  6. Hello, for some sites, since autofill is impossible I would like to disable the automatic connection feature. For some entries I found a checkbox to that purpose but for some others, there is no such checkbox. How should I do to disable automatic connections for specified entries ? Best regards, - Guillaume
  7. Hello all, Same problem here. BUT I'm running windows pro insider version 17063. kLy, did you succeed to fix the problem ? Happy new year anyhow :-)
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