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  1. It's 2020. It will be great if we can have a response from the team! We all love Enpass for what it is and lack of this functionality is a pain.
  2. This is by far the best explanation I found while searching for this issue. Thank you @Pratyush Sharma and @Tahreem for explaining. @Tahreem I believe what @Natalie123 is trying to say is that currently we have to manually sync the passwords after opening the app on iOS. The ask is, probably a feature you can add to your pipeline, can you make the sync happen as soon as we unlock the app using either Touch ID or face unlock. In case the master password was changed then prompt the user to update the password but make it happen automatically. We shouldn’t have to go to Settings > Sync > Sync Now to update the new passwords. Because that’s an inconvenience for sure when you have to do it across multiple mobile devices. I have 6 with a mix of iOS and android and sometimes I don’t remember which have sync’d and which haven’t.
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