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  1. Oh, seems the issue was caused because my windows client wasn't updated through the windows store. After if forced it i had to reconnect my windows client to Onedrive and it was in sync again. Not sure if this is the case for everyone but....
  2. Same Issue (my windows client and android client is out of sync) items added to windows client don't show up in android and vice versa. Also having 2 databases in my onedrive (both clients sync to the same onedrive account). Always worked fine, think it was the last update that caused this but can't be sure, only noticed when i added a new entry to my windows client that didn't show in my android client. The databases are in OneDrive\Apps\Enpass for windows which updates when i change something in the windows client and one in OneDrive\Apps\Enpass 1 which changes when i change something in android.
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