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  1. Thanks but you're writing about just the view not the logic. I knew about this you mentioned. I rather mean the fact of joining the password entries, so that all will be edited once you editing one password. Maybe you unstand now :-)
  2. hello, i was wondering if there would be an possible workaround to store the same password in different safes without showing it twice or more. Why? Cause we use enpass-app to collaborate passwords in different teams, so each team holds a sprerate safe to store them. Sometimes different teams store the same password, so editing one, means edit it twice or more times in all safes.
  3. I found one way on github, but don’t have a Mac only iPhone and iPad. How do I get my 500 passwords from iPhone to enPass. Even not every password from iPhone is in iCloud Keychain saved, cause I switched it on later.
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