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  1. Ok, so after a couple of hours pressuring my tablet to update, it finally managed to actually find that there was an update available. Actually two of them. So now tablet is at Android 9.0.1 and this issue can be closed. The app seems to be working. A.
  2. Hi, no, no change with, no change with beta version, no change after wiping the tablet and installing only this app. Symptoms are the same - the app does not even start to a welcome screen, it closes immediately. Hence no sync is enabled since the app does not start to do the initial setup. The app is installed into internal memory, so SD fault is ruled out. The tablet is Huawei MediaPad M5, Model SHT-W09, Version SHT-W09, EMUI and Android 8.0.0, Android Security Update 2018 July 1, Kernel 4.4.23+ July 16, 2018 I also use this same app on Win10 and on Moto G5 Plus (XT1685), Android 8.1.0, Security update 2019 Feb 1 without any issues. Please look into this. Your app is trully great and it would be a shame if I had to switch to the next best candidate. A.
  3. Hi, I was using the app before the update and then every time I tried to autofill, the app would briefly start and then close immediately. I was using Webdav sync. I then removed the app and reinstalled - same problem, not even the greeting shows before the app closes. I waited until after the update to the current version and the problem is still the same. Tried clearing cache, deleting data, reinstalling but no luck. Device Huawei MediaPad M5, Android 8.0.0, everything is stock. Do please resolve as I am forced to look for alternatives. A.
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