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  1. Hi @rednewsch, While entering your iCloud username and password, you have the option to check "Keep me logged in", in my case it's in dutch "Houd me ingelogd". That are all the checkboxes you need to set. After that you will get the popup, and you have to open Enpass if it doesn't happen automatically. You will then see that synchronization is started and after a few seconds it is ready. If you then go back to your browser, the spinning circle is still there. You can just close the browser at this point, because the setup is already done. Hopefully the screenshots will help you foreward.
  2. After given the icloud password you should get a popup-screen where you are asked to open Enpass Password Manager. Whitout mouseclicking this "Open Enpass Password Manager" button the screen stays hanging in the spinning circle screen. Do you guys get this popup? If not, maybe something is blocking the popup.
  3. I don't know if it is recommended, but you can give it a try. For me Enpass works fine with my normal apple-id password. But you could give it a try. It could also be a virus scanner issue. Have you already tried to temporarily disable it?
  4. Hi rednewsch, If you mean with Multifactor Authentication the same as 2-factor authentication , I can confirm that this works without problems for me. It seems it must be something else. Have you possibly created an app-specific password in icloud and are you using your normal apple-id password for synchronization in enpass? And when not, you could try to create an Enpass Password in your apple-id account.
  5. The same experience for me. The iCloud, Dropbox and Onedrive synchronization will now continue to function correctly on Windows 10 Home Edition / Enpass 6.4.1 (642). Thanks for solving.
  6. I have the same problem. I use Enpass 6.4.0 (632) with Windows 10 Home 1909. I also use Enpass on multiple IOS devices. I use 6 different safes and sync them with iCloud (4x), Onedrive (1x) and Dropbox (1x). Not only does iCloud sync stop, the Dropbox and OneDrive safes also stop synchronizing. The synchronization of all vaults continues to function normally on the IOS devices.
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