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  1. Password exclusion settings cannot contain backslashesSince I am using Mac, I would like to include option + ¥ \.I can't type and copy and paste the keyboard.Please take care of it.
  2. hi @Pratyush Sharma Yes WordPress site URL
  3. Hey @Garima Singh Enpass language = Match the device language wordpress site url = https://xn--n8j0enhkac4itbc1i8i6db5i3310lc9qb.com
  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma By changing the URL saved with enpass from punycode to the Japanese domain, item information that matches the URL with enpass now hits even in the Japanese domain However, when trying to log in to the Japanese domain site, another tab opens and the user name and password are auto-filled In the case of English domain, you can log in by auto-filling in the same tab I want to be able to log in with the same tab even in Japanese domain In addition, we took a video of the difference in behavior between the Japanese domain and the English domain site please refer Japanese Domain Site English Domain Site *Because there is a lot of personal information, the whole screen is blurred Please note
  5. Hi @Garima Singh Settings> Browser> Match with URL host name Show items that exactly match the host name The behavior is the same whether Enable or Disable, another tab opens Your username and password will be entered Please point out if the part you are checking is different The URL host name saved by enpass is In the case of a Japanese domain, it will be saved as punycode, but when displaying the site with a browser, since the URL displayed in the address bar is a Japanese domain, it will not be displayed on matching items, so search by title and double click Need to autofill with
  6. Hi @Garima Singh OS version of device used MacOS Mojave 10.14.6(18G3020)
  7. hi @Garima Singh On which all device (along with OS version) are you having this issue? yes Which Enpass version are you using? 6.4.0 (632) Which browser version are you using? Google Chrome 80.0.3987.149(Official Build)(64bit) Are you hitting the URL from the detail page of an item in Enpass or are you using Auto-fill extension(in browser) to fill the login details? I use the browser's autofill extension Which version of Enpass extension are you using? 6.4.0 Could you please share a video or screenshot of the issue? Video shooting is difficult because it contains personal information such as URL and enpass account information I'm sorry
  8. When you save the account information of the Japanese domain site in enpass Unable to read account information because URL information is stored in puny code Would you like to be able to read your account information even in a Japanese domain? Also, read enpass in the browser, search for account information If you auto-fill the website by double-clicking, you will log in to the website on another tab. Can you log in on the same tab? Behavior is the same not only on Mac but also on Windows Not only Chrome but also Firefox I'm glad if you can respond if possible enpassに日本語ドメインサイトのアカウント情報を保存すると URL情報がpuny codeで保存される為、アカウント情報を読みだせません 日本語ドメインでもアカウント情報が読み出せる様に対応をお願いできますか? また、ブラウザでenpassを読み出し、アカウント情報を検索して ダブルクリックでWEBサイトにオートフィルさせると別のタブでWEBサイトにログインしてしまいますが、同一タブでログインすることはできますか? 挙動はMacだけでなくWindowsも同じで ChromeだけでなくFirefoxも同じ事象です 可能なら対応していただけると嬉しいです
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