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  1. Hello @Garima Singh . Today the same problem appeared. It seems that the solution just worked for a short time. Please fix this bug. Best regards
  2. Root cause: automatic update on windows did not work. Version from Windows Appstore causes the problem. Solution: 1. create local Backup with Enpass 2. deinstall Enpass 3. download an install it from (https://dl.enpass.io/stable/windows/setup/ !!!! Do not use Microsoft APP Installation --> this version does not work properly !!!! 4. open backup with Enpass to restore your data 5. connect to your iCloud account 6. try to sync now with your iCloud account. If there appears a time stamp, everything works as it should.
  3. Hello, I am using Enpass on my Mac, Iphone Xs and Windows10 with iCloud. Since the synchronisation between Mac and iPhone works as desired, the synchronisation between Windows and Mac or Windows and Iphone does not work! While I see the "time stamps of synchronisation" on Mac or iPhone when I press "sync now", there is no time stamp on Enpass in Windows althoug I pressed "sync now". That's really frustrating since I updated a lot of passwords and more on my Enpass in Windows. All the new data is neither synched with my Mac or iPhone. Is there a bug? Thank you for support. Kind regards, Tim
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