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  1. I was looking for the MS checking, but I find different Links - Only the upper I am able to open - all other are not able to find. So I assume, that in teh startup phase a wrong path is written. But how can I find where is this startup located, that I can change it? I checked all knows startup location on windows (as I know), but haven't find anywhere this file. The only think is the fact, that in the "Autostart" are existing two different ENPASS entries" - which I do not unterstand - will disable them one by to see, if this helps... Of course, maybe I can find the correct one of the lower 3 files and rename the upper one - but I assume I will have trouple at least when another update will appear and installed. So any help is appreciated Karl
  2. I have done the Repair mode... it's coming up, when I was calling the installation file. Now made a complete Uninstall new booting Install of ENPASS - but stillthe fault apears Karl
  3. 1. It is a Desktop PC with Win 10 pro 2.using version 6.8.2 3. The original installed version was download from the official webpage
  4. Hello, I had an SSD crash an dhad to re-import an image on a new build-in SSD. Since that time I am getting during the startup of the PC a fault message, that the path is not correct. Only after I push the OK button, the startup process continues. What can I do, that this message disappera anymore?
  5. How can I upload the files? The folder contains data with other types! Is there a way to upload anywhere else?
  6. Hello, if I ente rthe username manually into the field I can add the passwort by enpass...the username is already in enpass, it will just not taken over into th elogin-window. Additionally I tried already different kind of URL's: - IP:Port/cgi-bin - IP:Port - http://IP:Port None of them has been working. As I had two local QNAP-units I tried it as well on the second one - with the same result - the username will not copy over into the login-field. The units are only accessable locally, sri no external access possible . Attached thow the fields are configured - is there anything you see, what could be the reason for not using the username? Tnx
  7. In Enpass is the filed slect as username (Benutzername) and the password as passwort (Passwort) - but nevertheless it just take over the passowrt entry into the input-box - not the username
  8. Hello, I has some trouble with a login into a local NAS from QNAP. The login-windows has two input fields ( username and passwort). I always get only the passwort filled into the login-windows, not the user name. Than I looked into the web formular and there is only the passwort field. How can get the user field as well into the formular? Or if this is not necessayr, how can I get both needed fields filled out by enpass? Karl
  9. Hello, would be a possibility to implement a possibility to choose a time frame (immediatly, after some minutes from the last input, etc) , when ENPASS does a sync (in my case to a network drive). Karl
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