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  1. Hi thank you for your response. I downloaded the program on the computer but it wants a Master-Passwort. If I fill in my new passwort it says that it is not correct. (Dropbox and programm I had erased now quite often.) I can not change the E-Mail on the Computer Version! Maybe there is a problem. Can you help please? It seems that it is not running on microsoft "window server 2016 Standard"
  2. Hi I would like to install enpass on my computer, so I can fill the passwords direktly in with enpass when I am browsing. I do not find ad ons for Firefox or the possibility to download a installation for "Microsoft windows server 2016 Standard". I tried to install Windows 10 but it seems not to be working together with each other. What should I do? Thank you for your response
  3. I added a finger to my phone settings. No, I do not have other access.
  4. It seems that I added a fingerprint (new finger) in the phone setting. I tried to erase the new finger but it would still not work. No, I do not have any access to the same data on another device. I used it only on my phone.
  5. Hey, I refreshed one fingerprint (because washing the hands of corona more often - they had hard time to read finger) and now I can not open enpass, because I do not remember the masterkeyword. Enpass blocks it because of adding a new finger... It would have been good to be informed by Samsung or enpass before ading a new finger that enpass will not work after donig so... Is there a possibility to take of the new fingerprint out of samsung or to let me send a new password. There are all my new passwords and I have no access to them... URGEND help needed! (Samsung Mobile Phone 9)
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