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  1. I got it. In nginx configuration file of my webdav server client_max_body_size was not set. Since I added it, everything works fine. For me, I disabled check of file size: client_max_body_size 0M;
  2. Hallo, I'm syncing on 5 devices (Windows, Windows Store, Android and Linux; everywhere the same behavior) in total and I have different tresors. Every tresor is syncing without any problem, but one throws this error. When I set up Enpass new, all passwords get loaded from the webdav folder but when I set up the sync after, its not working. The other tresors dont't have any problem (same webdav user, almost same folder like /Enpass/Tresor1, /Enpass/Tresor2). I think it's the same problem like here: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/9593-webdav-sync-error-908413/
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