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  1. So basically what you‘re saying is that the customer (end-user) should take care about the problems and communication between Enpass developing and Apple iOS system? Customers ain’t part of the developing team either alpha testers. We expect a working product. Instead of identifying the problem, I think most of the users (including me) are more interested in a fix ASAP. Again, it’s absolutely disappointing that the issue still exists after many months.
  2. Just got a new iPad and right away got the same issue there, similar to my iPhone. At least someone from support team messaged me in private to ask about software and OS version. But that was months ago when the problem started with my iPhone and nothing new since then. It‘s really disappointing. Such a big issue should have been fixed within days, not months.
  3. Same problem here, iOS 16.3 and Enpass 6.8.6 (684). Definitely not going to reinstall the app and reconfigure 9 vaults! Please provide a fix asap!
  4. I got it. In nginx configuration file of my webdav server client_max_body_size was not set. Since I added it, everything works fine. For me, I disabled check of file size: client_max_body_size 0M;
  5. Hallo, I'm syncing on 5 devices (Windows, Windows Store, Android and Linux; everywhere the same behavior) in total and I have different tresors. Every tresor is syncing without any problem, but one throws this error. When I set up Enpass new, all passwords get loaded from the webdav folder but when I set up the sync after, its not working. The other tresors dont't have any problem (same webdav user, almost same folder like /Enpass/Tresor1, /Enpass/Tresor2). I think it's the same problem like here: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/9593-webdav-sync-error-908413/
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